SimpBiz works with other solutions partners and clients to provide strategic solutions that helps to manage the process more efficiently.

Our well spoken Fall Back solution understands the current critical business process and mocks it into a simple and easy process on a different platform and application, the purpose of this solution is to help the companies in times when their main application fails. Our fall back solution is not designed to do everything that the main application does, but ciritical activities such as Production in the Supply chain management process.

Document management solution is another example of our strategic consulting solutions. Managing documents may sound like a simple and an easy task, but consider a huge SAP implementation project where there are hundereds of SAP consultants develope Design documents, technical specification, functional specification, test scripts, validation documents, change control documents, defect tracking sheet etc and all these across different SAP modules, and across different business models and across different physical locations and at different time periods: It could get more complex than this. What we do is to help you to manage your documents in an efficient way so that a standard is maintained in your company or at your clients company.

Our other solutions include Change control process implementation, Deployment/Launch activities, Support plans, Outsourcing plans etec

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