SimpBiz is a growing software solution provider in RF and RFID technology based solutions. With core expertise in software development catering to the Supply Chain Management industry, we architect, monitor and implement solutions and applications to meet your industry requirements. An out performer among peers with niche expertise in RF / RFID related applications and solutions, we understand systems and technology across different domains. Catering to customized clientele requirements, our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, drawn from various walks of industry and technically adept in RF/ RFID related applications, can streamline your business processes to provide you a seamless and profitable value added solution.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automated method used for capturing, storing and retrieving data. The technology normally involves the usage of RFID tags which are incorporated in to objects. Once activated they process and store information and receive and respond to external radio signals. RFID technology is most of the times used in tandem with a RFID system. The system normally consists of a tag reader ?to capture the data and suitable equipment to store the data read. Whenever an object incorporating an RFID tag passes through an electromagnetic zone, the tag reader detects the data in the tag, captures it and sends it to the host computer for processing.
RFID systems are increasingly used in the following applications
In the transportation industry for track carriers, vehicles and crates being transported.

In the aviation industry to track baggage and cargo.

In the Public Sector for capturing and storing information embedded in passports, visas and identification cards.

In supply chain management systems for automated inventory tracking and replenishment systems.

In conservatories to track wild life and maintain and monitor count.

In the retail and travel industry for promotion tracking, especially applicable in offers involving forward buying.

In the Educational and recreational industry as a replacement for bar coding to track books issued in libraries or Video rented out to customers.

In Universities and schools to monitor and maintain tabs on students.

The need and application for RFID systems is growing by the day. Their virtues of being compact and efficient tracking devices are being increasingly leveraged by companies worldwide. Finding applications across industries, they are being increasingly adopted by organizations world over.
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