Analysis of our performance

We learn from our mistakes and we listen very carefully to what our candidates have to say about the program and we fix things and make things better.

The statistics shows in this page is as a result of 182 candidates who responded to our survey.

Our focus and goal is to provide the best service to our customers and improve our way of doing things to meet our candidates satisfaction. We are implementing a ticketing mechanism to keep track of all requests and issues to address. While we are not 100% perfect in providing the services that we promise but we have kept our standards to atleast 90%+ of the candidates who participated on our programs. Our goal is to improve by learning.

Value of our Program
Straight from our candidates

90%+ of the candidates who signed up are either Satisfied or Happy or Very Happy

While we as a company are satisfied with what our candidates are saying, but we want to reduce the 8% to a much lower number. Our goal for 2016-2017 is to achieve more than 95% satisfied candidates.

Professional Research

We randomly asked if the candidate would recommend us to their friends

Out of the 182 candidates randomly surveyed 142 of them mentioned they would greatly recommend our programs to their friends. Remaining 40 did not either respond to this question or said No.

We asked if they learned during the Implementation program

155 out of 182 candidates mentioned they learned from somewhat to a lot from this Implementation program & the remaining mentioned they learned nothing or did not respond to the survey.

Did our SAP Team Leads Help

90% received awesome to fair support from the project program leads during the program

Our focus is that "limited" 10% support to improve better. Our goal is to ensure 100% falls in the upper category